Stacey Owens
Stacey Owens
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stacey owens

A creative producer,  and PGA Member from Los Angeles, Stacey thrives in all environments.  Her experience in the field is a testament to her ability to be organized and able to handle any situation that’s thrown at her.  Known for making things happen no matter what, Stacey is someone you want on your team.





A local Los Angeles girl, Stacey has grown up around the entertainment industry.  An observer of all things, Stacey fell in love with the production process. For high school, she attended Hamilton High School's Academy of Music, where she excelled in technical production.  Stacey tackled all aspects of the theater from hanging lights and running the light board, to building sets, and running sound.  As she advanced, she even tried her hand at directing some drama pieces.

Stacey attended Mount Holyoke College.  While not known for a program in production, Mount Holyoke has one of the top intercollegiate equestrian programs in the country, which is also near and dear to Stacey’s heart.  Being the wonderful institution that it is, Mount Holyoke allowed Stacey to create her own major in film, theatre and television production using classes on her home campus, and classes offered at neighboring schools such as UMASS Amherst, Amherst College, Hampshire College and Smith College.  Through the consortium, Stacey designed and successfully pitched her self-designed major.  By the spring semester of her senior year, Mount Holyoke adopted her curriculum and made it the Five College Film Studies major for future students to enjoy.

Once a college graduate, Stacey embarked on her career in television.  Shortly after graduation, she landed a job as a set PA on the Lifetime Series Side Order of Life from Emmy award winning writer, Margaret Nagle.  From this point on, Stacey was hooked.  From there she bounced around to other shows like CBS’s Ghost Whisperer, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.  In the wake of the writers’ strike, Stacey made the choice to start working in the world of unscripted television.  A fast-paced world of flying by the seat of your pants, Stacey loved every moment of it.  She got to travel all over the country experiencing different cities and honing her craft as a production coordinator and on to producer.  After 5 years on the road, she was given the chance to develop original unscripted programming with Emmy award winning director, Ken Fuchs (Shark Tank, Family Feud, The Bachelor) and Emmy award winning producer Mike Maloy (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition).  Being creative has been one of Stacey’s favorite parts of her career.  Being able to learn about new cultures and trades and bring them to life through the medium of television is an amazing process.  From dreaming about an idea, to researching it, fleshing it out, casting it and giving it legs in a pitch reel, and getting in the room to pitch, has been one of the most educational and empowering experiences.  Together with her field experience and creative experience, Stacey’s a force to be reckoned with.  Her ability to make just about anything happen makes her a producer who can thrive in any environment.

When she’s not working on a new idea, Stacey can be found at the barn spending time with her horses.



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Stacey has developed, pitched, produced and coordinated a wide range of work in the world of scripted and non-scripted entertainment.

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Stacey Owens